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Welcome!  With telehealth visits, you can decide when and where to receive care.   

For IN-PERSON VISITS  call 415-379-9600, or email drhomappts@pacwomens.com">drhomappts@pacwomens.com  Presently, we cannot schedule IN-PERSON VISITS via this portal.

Please check SPAM folders for emails from @pacwomens.com.   



New patients:   To make the best use of our time together, please email drhomappts@pacwomens.comso">drhomappts@pacwomens.comso we can send you history and demographic forms to complete and upload to this portal before your visit. 

Established patients:  Has your address or insurance information changed?  Please upload this information on this portal.


NEWLY PREGNANT PATIENTS(first ob visit): Congratulations! For your first visit, in-person is preferable.  Please call 415-379-9600 or email drhomappts@pacwomens.com">drhomappts@pacwomens.com.

SUBSEQUENT PREGNANCY VISITS:Schedule virtual visits here. Please have your weight, blood pressure, and urine test strip result ready at the start of the visit. In-person visits may be scheduled by email or you may call our office as noted above.

NEW GYNECOLOGY PATIENTS:Schedule virtual (here) or in person (email or call as noted above).  

ESTABLISHED GYNECOLOGY PATIENTS:You can choose in-person or virtual visits. I can refill contraceptives and hormone replacement via the virtual visit as well as plan breast health and pregnancy planning. If you are due for your annual exam and have no specific health issues, please see me virtually so that we can decide if you need an in-office visit this year.


I CAN SEE YOU IN-PERSON IF NEEDED. You may call the office at 415-379-9600, #2 for urgent visits, or email drhomappts@pacwomens.com">drhomappts@pacwomens.com. We can also meet 'virtually' to decide if you need to come in.


It’s been a trying time for everyone. Be assured, I am here for you and I am committed to helping you maintain your well-being,

Thank you for your patience!   

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