Welcome to Dr. Elizabeth Moy's Room Room code: pacwomens-drmoy

Welcome to my virtual waiting room.  

PWOG has started this virtual platform for doctor visits during the COVID 19 pandemic as a way to reduce your risk of exposure to the coronavirus.  

If you are newly pregnant and have not yet been seen, please schedule a new OB appointment to start with a telehealth visit. You will be emailed paperwork to complete and return by the time of our first visit.  If you have not received the required paperwork by 2 days prior to your appointment, please call the office.  After our first meeting, we will decide together about the rest of the studies / appointments you'll need.  

If you are pregnant and have already been seen , you should have already received a couple of emails about how we are going to manage your OB visits during this pandemic.  If yo you have not, please call to leave a message or email us so we can get that information to you. 

If  you are not pregnant , and only needed a routine annual exam, then this can safely wait until we are least past the shelter in place restrictions.  If you are doing well but need a refill, we can refill your prescriptions easily for the next three months.  By that time, I hope people will be able to come in for routine things.  At this time, we will automatically refill regularly prescribed prescriptions without you needing to call.  

We are currently offering telehealth visits, which is a visit with me through your computer or smart phone (a camera is needed).   Although I cannot perform a pelvic or breast exam, there is a large number of problems, concerns, and questions that can be addressed.  Some issues may need tests that I can request for you - such as urine, blood, xrays or ultrasounds.  Many of you likely have questions about the pandemic, as there is conflicting information being put out there.  I may be able to help you make sense of what you're hearing.  

If you are a new gynecology patient making a telehealth appointment, please notify the office so that we be sure to email you the appropriate forms prior to your visit.

If you need an in person appointment, I can see you.  We are trying to reduce our staff and overall foot traffic through the office, so there are only a couple of days per week per physician that we can bring patients in for physical appointments.  If you are not sure, call or email me with your problem and we will help you decide whether it's worth coming out of shelter to be seen.

For an in person appointment, when you arrive at the office, you will be asked about symptoms and your temperature will be taken.  If you have a fever or cough or other symptoms that might suggest infection, we will not be able to see you at that time and we will need to make other arrangements.  If you bring anyone with you, they will not be admitted and will need to wait in the courtyard (or car).  

These shelter in place restrictions are to protect you, a member of the general public.  The less you are out, the fewer people you might encounter who don't realize they could be carrying the coronavirus.  That includes, when you come to the office, other patients, staff, and physicians, not to mention the people you pass / encounter on the way here and back.  So you should only come in to be seen for urgent problems.

Because this virus is causing illness among physicians, those of us still healthy have to be able to fill in at the hospital sometimes on short notice.  Please be patient if we need to reschedule.  To help reduce rescheduling needs, the telehealth appointments are being opened only a week in advance.
If you need assistance and I am not in, please use the "walk in" virtual waiting room with Megan or Julie, our physician assistants (https://pacwomens.vsee.me/u/physicianasssitants)

Please take all precautions to stay healthy. The safest place for you is at home. Make a telehealth appointment with me instead of an in person one, if you can.  

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If this is an emergency, please call 911

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